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Theater is what she fell into when she was just a kid -- to the point of total immersion. Scenery, props, audience, the magic of words exploding into actions, the transformation of thing into prop, sets that by themselves evoke laughter, theater ... . And the circus too, with its joy, its hard work, its pirouettes ...

Genevieve is a painter, a painter foremost. With her experience as a journeyman-decorator, she has learned to transform, to animate matter. At the touch of a brush her walls become depth, cloud, forest, mirage ...

Furniture of light wood becomes heavy satiny stone, a bit of iron takes on the look of wood. A torn music score, an old watch, a playbill painted in tromple-l'oeil bear witness to a reawakened past, to a life, to poetry. Each furnishing, each fresco, each object is unique, full of personality, of its own selfhood, to be put on stage by whoever takes it home, like the playgoer at the theater.

Genevieve also moves her "Atelier du Liseron" ("Bindweed Workshop") to transform, to decorate, to rehabilitate an interior, room, or office, to transform a reception area or restaurant, to bring out the details of a façade.

Trompe-l'oeil, patinas, techniques newly invented or directly inspired by tradition -- this is the alchemy of her work, peppered with imagination and a wink of irony.