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Genevieve Naudin was born in Paris. She is a former pupil of "Les Arts Appliqués", "L'académie de Port-Royal", and IPEDEC in Paris.

She carries out many decorations for the theatre, which is the world of its childhood. Her father, directing a restaurant vis-a-vis "la Comédie Française", develops a cordial reception and original which attracts in its establishment all the actors of Paris.

From 1977 to 1980, with the Marigny theatre, she has been working with Roger Hart to the creation of the decorations of french serie "Au théâtre ce soir".

During the year 1981 she carries out decorations for the French Comedy under the direction of Jean Marquet.

The unforeseeable one occurs then : she loses the sight of an eye. During two years she will work very hardd in order to find a vision in relief. This work develops in her an increased perception of the colors. She is quite naturally brought to paint fabrics, which she will expose and sell during ten years.

During this time, allured by the magic of the circus and the voyage, she will accompany Alexis Gruss circus in round by 1985 to 1987, for which she will be an administrator. She will bring back of them several paints of clowns and the images to profusion.


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Returned in Paris, she becomes administrator of the theatre "La Renaissance" from 1988 to 1993. In same time she continues to paint and takes part in many collective exposures.

Iin 1994 she decides to create l'Atelier du Liseron (the Bindweed Workshop), first in Menetou-Couture, then in the native fatherland of Ronsard in Couture-sur-Loir (France, Loir-et-Cher).

Genevieve Naudin carries out painted fabrics and painted pieces of furniture of creation in workshop. She also moves among her customers to complete decorative work intended to transform a house, a building, a place of trade, but also all the objects movable which belong to the framework of life (pieces of furniture, sculptures, ...).

Her skills are: harmonies of colors, various techniques of patinas, work of spinning, effects metal, imitation of wood and the stones, ornementation (mouluration, stencil key set), the panoramic mural decoration, trompe l'oeil.