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Genevieve Naudin creates art painted furniture in all styles, on commission as well as following her own inspiration. Her techniques are diverse, some invented, some inspired directly by tradition.

If you are interested in a french painted piece of furniture, several options are available. Maybe you own an old piece of furniture, or you have found one by an antiquary. You can bring it at the workshop, and elaborate a project with Genevieve, who will carriy it out in her workshop. One knows the advantage of old furniture : aspect, spirit, the delight of seeing the transformation of a childhood object. One forgets sometimes the drawbacks : a cabinet maker must renovate it, which can be expensive, they have to be scoured also.

That's why Genevieve paints also on new furniture. She has selected some furniture creators because of their expertise, quality, originality and low-cost. With the help of Genevieve you choose a model, that fits exactly your need, in the right sizes and for the right usage : dresser, armoire, table, chair, library, bed, ... A project is elaborated with the artist, which takes into account your style, your inclination, your tastes. Genevieve takes care of delivering th furniture to the workshop, then of carrying it out.

In both cases, you can take delivery of the piece of furniture on the spot, or we make you deliver them to residence, anywhere in the world, (with the help of a supplement): we call upon a conveyor of confidence.

Don't hesitate to take contact for more information, by mail, by phone (+33 (0) 2 54 72 46 50) or by filling the form.

Each piece is a unique creation, has its own number, and can be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Detail-wise, each piece is fully painted on the interior and back, as well as on the front. One or more coats of sanded resin are applied, strengthening the piece against stains and nicks, and giving it a satiny finish. Only an occasional waxing (with a clear wax) is needed for upkeep.