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Interior design is a passion for Genevieve. Her experience as a travelling set designer has taught her to transform matter, to make it move. Stairways, doors, flooring, lighting, walls: Genevieve can bring your wishes to life. Her own family's home is a showcase of what she can do, and you are welcome to see it during visits to the workshop.

Genevieve is an interior makeover-artist. After seeing your home and thoroughly discussing your tastes, wishes, and needs, she will put together one or more plans for decoration. Her concern is always to take best advantage of what your home already has -- its openings, its lines, its furnishings.

Genevieve is an experienced colorist as well: she excels at putting the right colors in the right places to redefine a room, to brighten it, to give it a pleasant feel whatever the time of day or year.